soft knitted goods- MADE IN BELGIUM


our story


Knitwear for everyday


We, Caroline and Steven, believe in a different approach of producing. Bringing family knitwear for everyday wear and use, small scale and locally made in Belgium.

Offering minimalist items in classic and new colours that you can use throughout the year. By continuously producing our essentials throughout the whole year, we can maintain a low stock and only knit what we need at each moment, avoiding leftover and waste.


Ethical production in Belgium


Our warehouse, atelier and office is at our home in the countryside in Belgium. Together with our 2 co-workers we carefully finish your products. We pick, pack and ship your products from our 'barn atelier’ in nature.


Next to our home base, we have a small team of 2 women working remotely, finishing the booties and the teddies. It gives them freedom to combine family life with a job. For the sewing of washing labels and putting the hangtags, we have a close partnership with a sheltered workshop. This atelier works with people who are unable to access the open labour market, due to physical, mental or psychological disabilities or longtime unemployment.


Our yarns: merino wool


The power of merino wool. We’ve chosen this yarn for its versatility and softness. Likewise is it known for its sustainable quality which will last for a very long time. As merino wool is biodegradable, meaning it can be broken down organically in the ecosystem, any long term environmental pollution can be avoided. We work with the best Italian spinning mills who have to comply to the most stringent European yarn colouring regulations. Our partners use 100% renewable energy and have a optimisation of purification and discharges of water.


Our Knitting factory


One hour from our home in the south of Belgium is the knitting factory.

We’re cooperating with a small family business. The owner is Caroline’s old teacher when she was pursuing her degree in knitting. After 9 years of close partnership, we’ve also invested in our own knitting machinery.

Together with our team and partners, we make it possible to create a product 100% made in Belgium. Keeping our brand small scale and family owned, we can ensure you products resulting from a lot of passion of all who’s involved!