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The message is good, merinowool is easy to maintain, cause it doesn’t need much or any washing. Some tips for you!


Please don’t wash your product before using. Each product has gone through washing already. People advise to prewash babyproducts, that’s because they are not washed yet (e.g. cotton products). Our products already have!

Some items can peel in the beginning because of rubbing. Don’t take the peeling of at the start. The peeling stabilizes after using for a while. The longer you use them, the prettier they get. Merinowoolpeeling is natural and is not a quality defect.



It is not necessary to wash merinowool frequently. This fiber is SELFCLEANING because of the lanolin (natural soap inside the wool).

Merinowool needs less washing than clothing made of other fibers.

It’s perfect to just AIR OUT at dawn or let air in the bathroom during or after shower. The moist air cleans your products. It really does!

If you do need to wash, we recommend hand wash with lukewarm water(MAX 20°) only with a few drops of an (organic)WOOL SOAP.

Immerse the product in the water while you gently wash the wool. f(do not leave it in the water for too long!) Don’t let soak. Handwash means washing it by hand, but not letting it soak in (hot) water. The wool will shrink if you let it soak. Avoid temperature differences and friction, cause this causes shrinkage. Rinse the detergent out of the garment with cold or lukewarm water(use water of the same temperature for washing and rinsing). Place the blanket on a towel and roll gently the water out. Avoid twisting or squeezing the water out. 

Let the product dry flat and wrinklefree. You can iron/steam your product afterwards on a woolprogram.

Wash wool carefully! Wool reacts/felts to difference in temperature and rubbing.

STAINS like milk you can wash of with a wet cloth. No need to wash the whole product. Merinowool doesn’t take in smells, so no need to wash your item fast.

Merinowool contains a natural fat called LANOLIN. This lanolin is ANTI-BACTERIAL and also acts a natural soap when it comes in contact with moisture.

WASH YOUR PRODUCTS AS LESS AS POSSIBLE. The more you wash it, the more the lanolin goes out of the wool.

All products are always washed in advance and thus get their correct shape.
All SHRINKAGE that happens afterwards is due to WASHING INCORRECTLY. Eg wrong program, delicate wash instead of wool wash program.
The shrinkage can therefore arise, or due to faulty detergent(has to be for wool) or too much detergent, or too high speed, or washed too hot.

We have noticed that some people had some ‘accidents’ by washing it. Be aware that ‘delicate wash or handwash’ is not a woolprogram. The product might shrink if you wash it on delicate program or handwash.

Washing in the machine is at one’s own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on the washing machines.

Wool is an animal fiber and therefor needs a WOOLSOAP. Cotton and linen are plant fibers and need a 'normal' washing product.




Merinowool is naturally self-cleaning. This wool is does not smell when used intensively. 

The fiber contains lanolin. When this gets a little damp, the lanolin is converted into lanolin soap, which is a natural antibacterium.

Since bacteria play a major role in a sweat odor, you stay smelling fresh. Also useful for milk odors... Due to its fine structure, the wool repels bacteria and is therefore very easy to maintain.

So you don't have to wash products with merino wool as often. The more often you wash, the less lanolin and therefore less protection.

Merino wool is a natural product that is very durable.