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soft knitted goods



BEFORE USING: Please don't wash your product before using. It has already been washed. Other then e.g. cotton products where it's better to wash all products for the babies before using. NO PREWASH NEEDED

It is not necessary to wash merinowool frequently. This fiber is self cleaning. Washing is hard for your blanket and for nature. It's perfect to just air out.

If you do need to wash, we recommend hand wash with lukewarm water( 30°) with a good wool soap. Avoid twisting or squeezing the water out, let the blanket dry flat.

If you have a very gentle washing machine it is possible to wash your blanket in the machine on a wool program 30 degrees, low cycle. However, washing in the machine is at one's own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on the washing machines.

All products are always washed in advance and thus get their correct shape. 
All shrinkage that happens afterwards is due to washing incorrectly. Eg wrong program, delicate wash instead of wool wash program.
The shrinkage can therefore arise, or due to faulty detergent(has to be for wool) or too much detergent, or too high speed, or washed too hot.
Merinowool has to be washed as less as possible. It’s selfcleaning. 
If you put it outside in the morning at dawn, or in the bathroom when you take a shower. Merinowool doesnt take any smells, and if you spoil milk, it’s better to wipe it off with a wet cloth, instead of washing it instantly. The fibre has lanolin inside it, you can see it as a natural soap inside the wool. When it touches with wet, this soap makes it clean, and you will have no smells.